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Jobma works with leading academic institutions to help find the best students and professionals to shape the minds of tomorrow.

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Jobma isn't just for interviewing. Institutions can utilize one way and live interviews for pre-recorded presentations, live presentations and much more!

Digital Assessments

Create custom assessments that include audio, multiple choice, and essay responses to promote a well rounded understanding. Assessments don't all have to be the same and digital assessments should be customizable.

User Experience

We at Jobma pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. With 24/7 live support, your faculty and students will always receive the support they need to get the job done right.

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Tailored to You

At Jobma, we know every business is different and may vary in the functions necessary to hire. That is why we create tailored subscription plans for your business. Reach out to our sales team and see how Jobma can help today!

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Jobma is a global entity serving over 50 countries in 14 languages allowing you and your organization to operate wherever needed.

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JOBMA reduces your cost-per-hire by 70%, with no hidden costs or exorbitant fees

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