Video Interview

Video interviews and video resumes are the way of the future. The always online, digitally connected world gives employers and job seekers opportunities to interact in ways never possible before. And it brings with it a host of benefits for both of them.

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Great Support

We at JOBMA pride ourselves on the support we provide to our customers. Whether you are a job seeker using JOBMA to find that dream job or you are an employer using JOBMA to find the best talent in the industry, rest assured our support staff is always available to help.

Video Interviews: A Quick primer

Looking for information about video interviews? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. If this is the first time you are looking into video interviews or are about to take part in one, you might have some questions. What is a pre-recorded video interview? What is a live video interview? Why do companies and candidates love taking part in them? Read on to find out.

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Videos- About JOBMA/Testimonies

JOBMA offers employers to publish company culture videos as a way to broadcast what the company does as a whole. Encouraging job seekers to apply and have experience of being a part of their organizational tree.

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