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Digital Video Interview

Jobma Video Interview Make Your Hiring Digital, Smart and Automated

Thousands of businesses from a wide range of industries are enriching their hiring abilities by using video interview software as their essential toolkit. The use of a virtual platform in the hiring process is not only saving the tremendous amount of company's investment but also has quickened the recruiting process compared to the traditional in-person interview schedules. Jobma is one such leading video interview tool, which is making the hiring process easy and technically advanced. Jobma offers a hiring team the technical advantages and enables them the candidates remotely. And also allows the candidates to join the interview at their chosen convenience. The exclusive features of Jobma video interview are as below:

  1. Exclusive text, audio, and video question kit
  2. Amazingly low-cost services at just $1 per interview
  3. Facilities of dedicated service support, and
  4. Free demo
Jobma helps the hiring team to screen candidates more efficiently and remotely

Jobma helps a hiring team to compare and review the candidates on their chosen time and allows them to review the candidate's responses at their convenience. Also, it enables the hiring team to connect and screen a lot of candidates remotely. Jobma enables a hiring team with a virtual ability such as:

  1. Connecting with a wide range of candidates remotely
  2. Help to prepare the virtual CV of a candidate
  3. Help to analyze the non-verbal expression and soft skill of a candidate through a pre-recorded video interview
  4. Provide the ability to compare candidates on the response of the same questions and choose the best fit.
A cost-efficient digital video interview tool

Jobma charges just $1 per interview and provides services. The low-cost subscription charge of Jobma makes it a perfect virtual platform for a video interview for all sizes of businesses. If you are yet to purchase virtual hiring software to maintain your hiring process uninterrupted, then opt for Jobma to enjoy its top-notch services.

Encourage better collaboration among hiring stakeholders.

Jobma helps a hiring team to streamline the recruiting schedules with the candidates. It connects the hiring team to a lot of candidates remotely help them to select the best-fit candidates. With the help of Jobma, the hiring team can also analyze the non-verbal expression and soft skills of the candidates through its pre-recording video interview facility and confidently decide over a candidate's eligibility.

Helps in improving in-person interview experience

Jobma Video interview quickly screen a lot of candidates, which helps a recruiting team to shortlist the best-fit candidates for the final round of interviews. Video interviewing with Jobma ensures that your resources and valuable time are only investing in those candidates with whom you are confident of meeting in-person and want to know at a more personal level through high-quality face- to face interview.

Reduces time taken in the hiring process

Jobma surprisingly reduces the hiring in the recruitment process compared to the traditional in-person interviews. Jobma video interview helps a hiring team in screening and shortlist the candidates at the initial interviews, which saves a lot of time in an interview process.

So, the point is, if you are looking for a technically advanced and yet affordable virtual video interview platform to make your hiring team smarter and faster then without any doubt, Jobma is the most suitable video platform for you. It will not only upgrade your hiring board with high-tech interviewing features but also helps in saving investment in logistics.