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Shift to a Smarter Hiring Solution with
Automated Features of Jobma Video Interview Platform

Video interviewing platform is gradually becoming a part of hiring toolkits of all sizes of businesses and it's no wonder why? Video interviews make the hiring process smarter, quicker, and more convenient for both the recruiters and job seekers alike and allow recruiters to maintain hiring remotely. Interviewing software helps the recruiters and the candidates connect via a virtual platform without need to align their schedules in real-time.

It hardly matters where you or your candidates are residing or when your schedules align, video interviewing can happen anytime, anywhere by working remotely. Jobma video interviewing tool makes recruitment remote-based and help recruiters avoid in-person contact while hiring.

Jobma Video Recruiting tool, Customize Your Interview Functionalities as Per Need

If you need a modern recruiting ad to support you in streamline your interview and make it fast Jobma video interview platform is a perfect tool for you. It offers the top-notch features to its clients such as – One-way and Live video interview facility.

Jobma helps recruiters to customize your interview functionality such as- Think Time, Answer Length, and Number of Takes, etc. Video interview charges just $1 per interview that is unmatchable compared to many other brands in this category and offers free credit on the recharge plan of $ 500, 1000, and 2000, which makes this virtual platform an affordable hiring tool for all sizes of businesses.

A simple and user-friendly dashboard of Jobma helps recruiters to streamline the hiring process and make it accessible for all types of clients without much technical assistance.

Jobma video recruiting software encourages coordination among various stakeholders under a talent acquisitions department and enables HR teams to easily and quickly share notes and reviews on candidate's assessment, which help in a collective decision-making process.

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Brings Automation in Your Recruitment Workflow with Jobma Virtual Hiring Efficiency

The initial screening and streaming a lot of applicants while interview is one of the tough tasks in a traditional hiring activity but, Jobma interviewing platform automates the recruitment workflow and makes screening much easier than ever before. It makes the hiring process more structured and comprehensive that helps to deliver a shortlist based on qualification indicators.

Jobma arranges the candidate profiles and presents in a relevance order that makes it easy for you to compare and review the candidates. It shifts the hiring activities on virtual platforms and let the recruiters smartly select the best fit candidate for the role.

Jobma automated features help you to list jobs online and send automated follow-up emails that allow you to speed up your hiring and save a huge amount of time for more essential tasks. Its smart hiring features enables you to align the hiring process perfectly with just a few clicks.

Jobma helps you Bridge your Geographical distance with the Global Talent

Jobma recruitment platform helps you to connects with global talent working remotely and enables you to select the best-fit candidates for the position. It reduces recruiter's dependency over local talents and creates a global talent pool for you crossing geographical limitations.

HR survey clearly states that incorporation of a recruiting software into the talent acquisition department can reduce the hiring time by 40 % compared to the traditional hiring process. Keeping this in mind, Jobma saves the valuable time of businesses hi hiring schedules by connecting the applicants on a virtual platform.

Jobma video interview software ends your obligation to meet each candidate in-person and allow you to record questions once for all the interviewee, and the candidates can record responses at the chosen convenience. Similarly, recruiters can review & score the candidate's responses at their chosen convenience remotely.

Jobma enables recruiters with the features of auto email responder and notification service to keep the candidates updated about the upcoming interviews. It improves recruiter's outreach and access to the candidates and optimizes the chances of interview conversion rate.

Jobma automated hiring features helps recruiters to connect with the job applicant, send them auto interview reminder and coordinate with the candidates throughout interview process remotely. And save investment of valuable logistics in hiring and time of the businesses in talent acquisition activities.
If you also want to boost your hiring efficiency, adapt tech-savvy Jobma interviewing tool in your recruiting toolkit.